‘Dithering’ Pixel Art Style

I’m completely new to this concept as with most things relating to making a ‘game’. I was determined to try and learn how to learn how to get some of the great effects that can be seen in a lot of pixel art style games when it comes to a shading similar to Photoshop’s gradient (but in a cooler style suitable for a pixel art aesthetic.

Here’s my first attempt that took way longer than it should have (followed a tutorial pixel for pixel) so not that impressive but I want to keep going over the same thing until I learn it off the top of my head.


I can’t take much credit as I followed a tutorial step by step but as I said, once I remember this technique I can become more advanced with it.

Here is how it looks applied and tiled in-game. I need to start using the technique with colour though, i’m aware that it can be easy to overdo this but wanted to apply it in game to see how it ‘felt’. (Ignore the window wall without the effect applied).


I also made use of the technique to improve the look of Astro (the helmet at least)



Still need to improve on using this clearly but i’m really liking how it’s looking at the start. I followed a great guide here for anyone else looking for a ‘howto’ for this technique.


2 thoughts on “‘Dithering’ Pixel Art Style

    1. Not really – just going to plod along at my own pace here without any feeling of obligation to rush or meet any requirements / expectations in terms of updates etc.


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