This will be a blog for me mainly to post progress on Astro! This will be used mainly to get feedback from the RPG community of reddit as it provides an easy way to host screenshots and videos.

Until now I’ve only ever had a brief ‘mess around’ with modding tools for the Source engine. At one time I was working on a Cloverfield Mod that you can see a small video of here.

As I mentioned, most of the content on here will exist just to show work to subreddits easily to get feedback but also wanted to kind of post what progress I have made mainly or myself. I’m not a coder but the software makes it really helpful for people interested in coding and familiarising them with how to basics of coding works in an unintimidating way

(‘Horse man’ is place holder) 😛 (The below was done not by hand but by using the the MV’s GUI to create events making it easy for those new to coding)


So far I’ve fumbled through conditional branches and variables but it’s a ton of fun and hope to continue with this for a while.

In terms of what I have so far, it’s really basic stuff and I’ve just been working on some of the art (if you can call it that) for the main character which is still in an early stage. As you can see below it still needs some work but it’s fun to work on the space suit version of the character

There is also an injured version that is the default when the game starts and you have to crawl for help as below (still needs some tidying up and the actual face needs to be changed as the face is a default art asset):

So this is how the animation looks so far:


In the two days I’ve messing with this, I’ve made a start of a Karma based RPG dialogue tree using variables. It’s ultra basic (as with everything else I’ve done here so far) but it’s a start. The red text below indicates a negative response which will result in negative karma and people feeling negative towards you, and green (not added yet) will be typically the positive response but this seems a bit too dumbed-down so might remove that. (return of the placeholder horse)


It’s a start anyway! One thing that I really liked was the animated screen I made last night. It’s nothing crazy but looks kinda cool! I know it probably seems boring but it’s something I couldn’t have done before yesterday after learning more about Photoshop. You can also see stars passing out of the window #NobodyCares


That’s about it for now.


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