Inventories, arrays, nightmares..

Really don’t think i’m smart enough to figure out a lot of the stuff to do with arrays and as it turns out, inventories that work as I want them to aren’t too easy for beginners to make.

I made 3 different versions, one that is shown in the previous post and another that was ‘meh’ in terms of functionality and now the one I have which is exactly what I wanted. At least for now.


Manually displays global variable of ‘rose seed’ quantity but has no ‘slots’ (just writes the data to an X,Y coord) doesn’t use arrays and other items you pick up don’t have any way of knowing where to show their quantity and item type based on what else is in the inventory. Also can’t click and drag or empty your inventory without manually using each item in there.

The dirtiest inventory that you ever did see


Whoo! Now you can drag items around, drag items out of the inventory and get stacks on stacks without anyone questioning you! Those crappy sprite tho! It’s all temporary!

Moving things around and things..

Obviously need to change the look of things and improve it as the visuals I haven’t even spent any time on any of the art yet.


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