Player Sprite, Animations and Shadows

I decided that the old sprite that I was using as a temporary placeholder had to go due to the fact that i’m going to have to start testing equipped items which means I need to get an idea of how tall the sprite is and where his/her hands will be etc.

So what I have so far is below:





Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. It just needs a bit more time on it but i’m really pleased all in all how its turning out. I’ve also started a first version of adding shadows, you can see below that there is a shadow that follows the player around, just a small thing but it all adds up. Also some basic animations while moving have been added although they need some work.


Next thing i’m going to try and work on once i’ve finished the walking animations and tidied a few things up is fixing objects to the players hands and have it follow the movement of the hand while walking, mainly the watering can which means making a proper sprite for that monstrosity