Lost all my progress, started again!

Long story short – lost all my ‘work’, starting again with a different engine and different theme for the game. Mainly posting here to keep track of my progress!

Here’s what I have so far after just under a week. (I haven’t made the mistake I made previously where I focused mainly on the art before the game mechanics. This time i’m focusing firstly on making the game systems and figuring out how to do what I want).

It will look a whole lot more basic than my last screenshots due to the fact that RPG maker allowed for the use of their preexisting systems and assets whereas with Game Maker Studio requires you to start completely from scratch.

This has meant I’ve been learning how to use the systems and built in code language which is really fun.


Top left you can see that the time is listed. This updates as time goes on. Also as you can see above i’ve made a really simple first version of an inventory that follows the player around and draws relative to current position.


Planting seeds happens as expected with growth over time which i’ve figured out recently!


Also there is a basic day/night cycle currently which will have a big impact on gameplay in the future.


Lastly, worked out how to actually backup my files…


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