Sending NPCs on fetch quests..

It’s been a bit of a slow week in terms of progress, I’ve just been trying to learn more about Pixel Art and improve on it. I came up with a …fire extinguisher and a shelf?

Untitled-1  SHELF   GIF

This was my first attempt at starting to use the basics I’ve learned from the great udemy course on Pixel Art which you can find here. Oh, I added an animated door panel thingy too which was pretty fun to mess around with adding super simple animation to it.

I actually wasted most of the week (in terms of my free time at least) to trying to create a game within a game. I wanted to make a working version of a space invaders as a game you could play on the ship, no idea why but I learned a lot about variables and conditional branches so it wasn’t a total waste although I did completely delete it.

As for the game so far, this is how it’s looking currently. Super slow progress for the above reasons.


It will look a lot better when I’ve started adding significant ‘stuff’ to the parallax layer and also fill the room with realistically placed suitable props / objects. I want things to have a use though, I want a lot of things like this happening:


The items can be picked up from the world and used, they obviously appear in your inventory as a normal item would (based on the number you find which will be sometimes randomized using variables). I’m thinking of just having a basic alternative to ‘treasure chests’ which wouldn’t really work in the setting. In the gif above an ‘NPC’ is sent to retrieve some BioGel for the player which can be taken and used to restore HP. Nothing special but something I thought would be cool to use in different ways.

One of those most frustrating things is getting my head around auto-events, parallel processes and linking everything together, takes time I guess when you’re trying to learn how to do the art for the game as well as actually making it.

Hopefully i’ll stop wasting time trying to make games within games and start trying to make some actual progress. All fun, though!




2 thoughts on “Sending NPCs on fetch quests..

    1. Was just exploring using the game engine and wanted to create something with the limited knowledge that I had. I have removed it now as it took too long and it wouldn’t fit too well. I did want it as a mini game that was accessible via a computer on board the space ship but again, was taking too long due to my limited knowledge of the engine at the time.


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