Very basic Parallax mapping

I’ve recently moved things around to make more sense with the start of the game and have just been spending a lot of time trying to learn different techniques relating to texturing, Tilesets, Pixel Art and now Parallax mapping. This is my first attempt after taking forever to match the games custom resolution to the tile number (so things fit).


Obviously it needs more detail added to it but it’s just the starting point. Getting it working and matching with the size of the map was the biggest challenge so now that’s solved I can add more details to the ship exterior.

I’ve also been trying to get used to making my own tiles from scratch that seamlessly tile as you can see on the walls above. Still practicing using the ‘offset’ feature in Photoshop.

Here are the tiles (might seem boring but i’m pretty proud of ’em)


Pretty basic but it works ok with the style i’m aiming for. I did want to make things more pixel art than anything but I think for this game it’ll be a weird mixture until I improve.



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